About us

From Mooring to Port Services

Our company started out as a pure mooring service business, but over time we have expanded our offerings to become a comprehensive port services provider. Our focus is on delivering safe, efficient, and reliable services to our customers, whether they need assistance with vessel mooring, cargo handling, or other port-related services. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure that we can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses operating in and around ports.

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Service 24/7, 365 days a year

We represent a well organized standby-and duty call service. This is the result of our capability to serve orders within 15 minutes, as well as handeling multiple tasks at the same time. Serving 24/7, we carry out about 30 mooring operations per day. 

We also execute terminal tasks, guard assignments “ISPS”, transport of toll documents, inspection of harbours, put out oil booms for the port of Gothenburg, and letting out working boats with licenced skippers.

Highest Service and Quality

Our service business has developed from pure mooring service to a broad varied port service business. Beside punctuality and responsibility our company put great importance to security and to the environment, the business is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Through our membership in Swedish Boatmens Association, European Boatmen´s Association and International Boatmen´s Linesmen´s Association, we continously receive the working upgrades from different harbours in Europe and NorthAmerica. 

Our close and well organized cooperation with Swedish Maritime Administration supervisioncentral, “VTC Göteborg”, as well as with pilots and pilots supervisors, results in our constant update within traffic area and our possibility to organize our efforts after demand. 

We also have constant close surveillance through our own AIS system.

Experienced Boatmen

Our boatmen have experience from merchant navy or fishing vessels, and are used to work with wire or hawser on quay and in work boats. As the crew consists of 30 boatmen, the company is the biggest as well as one of the oldest mooring company in Scandinavia.


Besides the mandatory certifications; ship’s officers class VIII and engineer officer class VI, the boatmen continously keeps training first aid HLR as well as firefighting of oil and oilsecure. The boatmen are also trained acording to ISPS Code. The boatmen excellent seamanship and experience, give the security to handle all the situations that may occour.

Historical Milestones

The company is born

The company was founded by Axel Mauritz Arvidsson, a towboat Captain returning home, from Galveston,Texas, USA. The company´s first location was a stand, situated in Gamle Varvet, today´s Stigbergskajen.

Swedish East India Company

The company moves to the warehouse of Swedish East India Company. The building is then also the office of the harbour pilots, today it is known as the restaurant “Sjömagasinet”.

First motor wooden boat with crude oil engine
Next generation

AM Arvidson passes away and his widow Rosa Arvidsson and their sons Georg, Ingemar and Sven-Rune 27, 23 and 21 year old, take over the company.

Rosa Arvidson

Rosa Arvidson passes away and the company is continued by her sons Georg and Sven-Rune under the name Klippans Båtmansstation, Bröderna Arvidsson.

Thomas Arvidson CEO

Sven-Rune Arvidson passes away. Georg Arvidsson leaves the company and converts into a limited company, AB Klippans Båtmansstation. Thomas Arvidson enters as CEO, 26 years old.

Forced move
"Corpse de Logi"

The company is forced to move. The new establishment will be just across the street in the "Corps de Logi", also a building from the Swedish EastIndia Company. The newbuilding “Båtman 2”, is delivered from shipyard Börjessons Plåt och Svets.

New company
Klippans Hamnservice AB

Klippans Hamnservice AB is founded and works as a parent company in combination with AB Klippans Båtmansstation as a affiliated company. The companies are owned 100 % by Thomas Arvidson.

EBA members
New membership

The company become a member of the European Boatmen´s Association.

August 10
ISO 9002 certification

ISO 9002 certification on August 10th.

Swedish Boatmen´s Association

The company initiates the formation of the Swedish Boatmen´s Association.

ISPS classification

The company is commissioned by the Port of Gothenburg to perform ISPS classified security guard services

Magnus Arvidson

Magnus Arvidson becomes the 4th generation CEO, 29 year old.

Boatman 1
New working boat

New build "Båtman 1" is delivered from Pommerania Shipyard in Stettin, Poland."

Boatman 9
Boat delivery

New build "Båtman 9" is delivered from Pommerania Shipyard in Stettin, Poland.

Environmental certification

AB Klippans Båtmansstation has been awarded Enironmental certification according to ISO 14001:2015 and also since 1997 awarded Quality certification according to ISO 9001:2015

New trucks
Winch trucks

New winch trucks with quiet, environmentally friendly and exhaust-free winch powered by eight 6-volts batteries.

Axel M
New boat

New building "Axel M" is delivered from shipyard Alumare Sp. Swinouijcie, Poland

New owner
Magnus Arvidsson

Magnus Arvidson takes over the company from his father Thomas Arvidson and becomes the sole owner, owning 100% of the company.