Our services

Mooring & Unmooring

AB Klippans Båtmansstation main activity is mooring vessels in the Port of Gothenburg. We are mooring in all weathers, at various locations throughout the year.

We represent a well organized standby and duty call service. This is the result of our capability to serve orders within 20 minutes, as well as handling multiple tasks at the same time. Serving 24/7/365 we carry out about 30 mooring operations per day.

Deployment of oil booms

To combat oil spills and other forms of pollution, AB Klippans Båtmansstation offers mooring boats and skippers for the Port of Gothenburg.

Boat rental with skipper

AB Klippans Båtmansstation consists of four mooring boats in different size. All boats can be rented with skipper for different purposes.

Terminal tasks

We offer different tasks within the terminals either for our agents or directly to the terminals like transporting document etc.